What makes a nation? A nation is more than just a place, more than just a people. It is where people and place meet, shaped by an idea.

The American idea is one of freedom and equality for all, yet that idea has always been an ideal.

Our history can be read as the struggle to realize our greatest potential—a fight to retain hard-won freedoms and to realize still elusive equality. It is a story written across the contours of our national parks, forests, battlefields and monuments.

These places live at the heart of our American identity – testimony to the very idea that we, the people, share common ground. Tweet this.

These lands embody the best of what this nation stands for, and remind us of the great work that still lies ahead. Today, we stand at a precipice. The future of these lands and our democracy are at stake.

We stand for the truth these places represent: our darkest hours and our brightest possibility.

We stand for Americans finding a deeper commitment to one another.

We stand for the promise of this great nation.

We stand on common ground. Click & share.

Perhaps the best thing anyone can do to preserve our national system of public lands is to vote. Your vote matters. Make your voice heard. Share on Twitter!

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